Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Save On - Gas for life

How to make gas at Home!

        Oh yeah, you can now save tons of money on gasoline. You could be making gas right now. Why wait for a future gas crisis? We now have the technology to save hundreds of dollars on gasoline. It is not hard to make gas at home, and there is lots of information out there on how to make gas but most of it can be very confusing. People make it look easy but it really takes a lot of practice and knowing the proper application of each fuel to your vehicle. Many people believe that they can make Ethanol at home and just throw it in any car that takes unleaded gasoline, this will damage most cars within a couple weeks maybe less. Unless your car has been specifically manufactured to accept alternative fuels like ethanol, you will have to adjust your car yourself. 
        Most people believe that you can only use homemade Bio-Diesel in a vehicle that is specifically manufactured to run off bio-diesel, but truthfully you can run homemade Bio-Diesel in any diesel vehicle but you cannot just take some used cooking oil add some fuel additive and then slap it in your car. This can and most likely will cause damage to your car. There are certain ways to treat bio-diesel so that any diesel vehicle may use it. The same goes for hydrogen cell technology. There is a lot of information out there on how to make hydrogen gas cells and run your car off water but you can't just hook it up to your vehicle and drive off. Hydrogen is an unstable highly volatile substance and the materials people use to stimulate electrolysis in the water is very corrosive and will rust your car out within a matter of days or weeks. Without the proper experience and knowledge it is better for you to buy a hydrogen cell made by someone else for 400 or 500 dollars than to destroy your own car.
        How do I know these things? From experience my friend. I have wrote a book that will teach you how to make gas at home and the things you need to know so that you won't damage your vehicle bypass all the mistakes people usually make when making gas. Get your copy right now for only 99 cents by going to     

Stop crying over gas prices. Save your tears and save some gas. Really save some gas!

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